The Daily Word 05.19.10: Bad Night For Incumbents, Sheep Pig, Fractured Penises

The Daily Word

Rand Paul, Joe Sestak won their primary elections last night. Democrat Mark Critz was elected to replace the late John Murtha.

New Mexico ranks second worst in the country for fourth grade reading scores.

The Times Square bomber made his first appearance in court.

You would think that politicians would know better than to lie about serving in Vietnam.

Is Pedophile Island the only way to save our children?

Bill Clinton was in town to raise money for Diane Denish.

It's not illegal to rap at McDonalds (it's just stupid).

The oldest American pyramid found in southern Mexico.

Kill your father by winning him a year's supply of bacon.

The mystery of the ghost picture is solved.

Blogger is not on this list of the most stressful jobs in America.

This newly-discovered pinocchio frog is kind of cool.

A runaway star is rampaging through the galaxy.

Karl Pilkington is getting his own show!!!

Now you can have really expensive ramen noodles delivered to your door.

The Halo: Reach beta test ends tonight. Here's a list of the five best weapons from the game.

What is a sheep pig and where is my sheep pig BLT?

230 years ago today, New England's Dark Day freaked everyone out.

Was Miss Oklahoma set-up to lose, or is she just dumb?

The origin of the word fanboy.

What the hell is so funny about fractured penises?