The Daily Word 2.14.07

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The Daily Word

Federal judge rules that Albuquerque voter ID law is unconstitutional, nice try Fat Cats.

Governor pleased with first 30 days of state Legislature.

Winter wonderland weather closures.

Qwest settlement good news for rural areas of New Mexico.

It might be too late for you, but here goes How to Make Valentine's Day More Meaningful.

Defense says Libby and Cheney won't testify indicating that prosecution hasn't made its case.

U.S. trade deficit hits record high for fifth straight year. Hey wasn't that when ...

European Union yields to U.S. pressure regarding trade with Iran.

House Republicans want their colleagues to back Bush for troop surge.

Giant squid uses flashing lights to stun prey!

NATO reports fleeing Taliban fighters used children as shields.

Fifty percent of cable news last week about Anna Nicole Smith.

Omar Sharif gets probation for fighting with valet.