The Daily Word 06.03.10: RGA behind Martinez campaign, Palin blames enviro-jerks; Gulf shrimpers sick

The Daily Word

Did a UFO land in Angel Fire?

Someone stole a 10,000-pound gas well servicing rig in Farmington, N.M.

There will not be a separate Westside school district, says state's secretary of education.

Look at how much money the guv candidates are going to spend on this election.

Washington Post reports that the national Republican Governors Association was behind Susana Martinez' Palin endorsement and hundreds of thousands in contributions.

Obama extends benefits for partners of gay federal workers.

Shrimpers in the Gulf are getting sick, and some say it's because of the disaster cleanup.

Sarah Palin blames environmentalists for the Gulf geyser.

U.S. says it warned Israel to use restraint when dealing with the flotilla. (Israel commandos killed nine activists trying to bring tons of aid to Gaza.)

Do drone attacks work?

People generally get happier as they age, says study, and no one is sure why.

But grumpiness is good for you, says other study.

The perfect game that wasn't.

Guy unsuccessfully tries to magic away the police.

World's ugliest dog dies.