The Daily Word 07.15.10: Bush, turtles, Mel Gibson

The Daily Word

A year-old domestic dispute 911 call from Reza, who shot six people at Emcore on Monday.

Toddler left in a van for two hours dies.

Las Cruces man killed by police after rushing them with a samurai sword.

Teens hunt asteroid.

Why are the Gulf turtles dying? Oil isn't the only answer.

Argentina legalizes same-sex marriage.

Urban violence pushes some lawmakers to call for the National Guard.

The Bushes are in charge of the GOP again.

Vatican issues weak policies regarding sex abuse. Also makes ordination of women the same kind of crime as child molestation.

Can we be bribed to better health?

Gym put Mel Gibson's face on all its treadmills so you can stomp his face while you get your cardio in.

Road line painters skip over dead badger.