The Daily Word 07.21.10: Trillion Dollar War, Deceit Rape, Eye-Rolling Outlaws

The Daily Word

After $1,000,000,000,000 (yes, a trillion dollars) do you feel safe?

Nineteen people arrested at a North Carolina school board meeting after a fight broke out over busing students.

The Senate broke the deadlock on jobless benefits.

Man arrested in Israel for deceit rape.

Most. Massive. Star. Ever.

Crafty serial killer caught in Washington DC.

Why did BP Photoshop its oil spill command center?

Rare Shri Lankan loris photographed for the first time ever.

Who owns Facebook?

Ice-T arrested in New York (not for pimping).

If we outlaw eye-rolling then only criminals will eye-roll.

Woman in Utah with two uteruses is pregnant with two babies.

Check out this security footage of a badass bank heist.

Playboy launches a non-nude website for guys who are afraid of boobs.

Cute animal being cute.

Did you grow up in the 80s?

How to win at Rock Paper Scissors.

It looks like a tomato, but it's an apple.

Classic movies improved with a Mel Gibson voiceover.