The Daily Word 08.05.10: Naomi Campbell's dirty diamonds, net neutrality, don't pick up a backpack if you see one Downtown

The Daily Word

Laterz, Prop 8!

And … same-sex divorce in Santa Fe.

APD puts backpacks with $2,500 worth of stuff near Downtown ATMs to bait thieves.

New Mexico hospitals to start reporting the number of infections they give patients.

Speaking of, try not to get a skin infection at the gym.

Puppy thief was arrested, say police.

Neighbor's pit bull traps family in home, says area man.

Only cops within 11 miles of the interstate can take their cars home.

Is Google doing a 180 on net neutrality? The FCC's talking about it behind closed doors.

Hungarian teen auctions off her virginity.

40 U.S. billionaires promise half their money to charity.

Naomi Campbell testified that some dudes just gave her dirty diamonds.