The Daily Word 2.23.07

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The Daily Word

Solar cell maker in Mesa del Sol--sounds like a win-win.

Johnny Tapia still fighting.

New federal courthouse? At least it's only $81 million.

Fake fur often fur-formerly-known-as dog.

Public Service Company of New Mexico may raise electric rates, after 20 years.

Los Alamos' Ed Grothus, back in the news.

Blogger gets fours years in prison.

Mp3 digital file format not Microsoft's according to U.S. District Court in San Diego. Microsoft ordered to pay $1.52 billion in a patent dispute.

Senior citizens defend themselves with their bare hands in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Cheney, the blood-thirsty warmonger may want to attack China.

Hollywood hard on Hillary.

Salmonella outbreak widens to 41 states.

Dems move to limit Bush's war authority.

World's best-designed newspapers, U.S. not a part!

States' rights important in U.S.

'Lost' audience: maybe the tropical polar bears?

Poll finds strong support in Europe and U.S. for polluter taxes.