The Daily Word 2.24.07

Today's Headlines from Everywhere: Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Report-A-Drunk now for cell phones--call with your headset or Big Brother might drop a dime on you!

Tattoo artists showcased at the Expo New Mexico now through Sunday.

Sandia National Laboratory removes old 250-pound bombs from west mesa.

Rosary held for Rio Rancho high school student.

Valencia County fire's progress slows, evacuation order lifted. Richardson secures Federal Emergency Management Agency monies for costs from Belen Bosque fires.

Clovis to get second bio-diesel fuel plant.

Richardson Editorial: Diplomacy, not war, with Iran.

Washington Post series exposes Iraq war veterans failing medical care.

"International" films dominate Oscar nominations.

Avoiding old flames at the Oscars: Super-rich movie star-style.

Smoking alters brain, like drugs, permanently.

Colombian-Cali-cocaine-cartel-crumble confession.

That peanut butter had salmonella.

Cheney reminds the world that all options are available against Iran.

Okay, I can't help it, K-Fed visits Britney in rehab to wick the last of her soul, finalizing his deal with the Dark One.