The Daily Word 2.26.07

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Boxer Tapia (40!) wins majority decision Friday but hasn't decided if he'll fight again.

Tribune's N.M. News Roundup, plus World News Top Ten

Out-of-control controlled burn burns Belen Bosque.

Nice weather for a few days.

Cockfighting ban almost there.

Santa Fe resident Alan Arkin wins Oscar.

Golden Raspberry Awards handed down to cinema's lamest.

Poll: Americans still trust Congressional Democrats more than Bush to handle Iraq war.

Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan gives final speech.

Former Vice President Gore stumps for environment at Oscar Awards.

Pakistan: Cheney worried about al Qaeda.

States more progressive about renewable energy than Bush administration.

Rats deliver at NYC KFC-Taco Bell.

Iran launches rocket into space.

Ad with imagination pulled from Aussie TV.