The Daily Word 2.27.07

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The Daily Word

Medical marijuana bill almost there.

Robert Nordhaus, builder of tram, dead at 97.

Billion or so dollars headed to Rio Rancho Intel.

Barelas neighborhood to get upgraded storm drainage.

Jaguar kills Santa Fe native at Denver Zoo.

Western governors sign climate initiative.

Vice President Cheney sneers through failed Taliban attempt on his life while in Afghanistan.

Where have all the bees gone?

Remember Mad Cow Disease, well Bush "solved" it by reducing food safety inspections. Weird all the E. coli and salmonella outbreaks in a modern country like U.S., right?

Post-Oscar party review by former Albuquerque journalist, Hank Stuever.

And you though it was embarrassing to be Bruce Willis before?

Is James Cameron a moron?

Dell to sell laptops without Windows OS.

Legal herb creating hallucinations and problems for authorities.

Doctor Yueh to Duke Leto Atreides: Remember the tooth!