AG says New Mexico can recognize same-sex marriages from out of state

State Rep. Al Park asked Attorney General Gary King whether nuptials performed for same-sex couples would be valid in the Land of Enchantment. Yesterday, he said yes!

From the opinion:

While we cannot predict how a New Mexico court would rule on this issue, after review of the law in this area, it is our opinion that a same-sex marriage that is valid under the laws of the country or state where it was consummated would likewise be found valid in New Mexico.

Forty states ban recognition of same-sex marriages. The other 10, including the Land of Enchantment, don't address the issue.

That means that lesbian or gay couples who've traveled outside of New Mexico to marry may have their union honored at home.

Same-sex marriages are legal in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, Vermont and Washington, D. C.

Jesse Lopez, president of Albuquerque Pride, released this statement:

Albuquerque Pride stands tall and proud in this moment in support of Attorney General Gary King and his voiced opinion. As we move into the future it is the hope of Albuquerque Pride that our community and our elected officials will give voice to the fight for our civil rights and equality within our state.