The Daily Word 03.12.07

The Daily Word

Governor to sign bill requiring HPV vaccine for 6th grade girls.

Cockfighters to fight cockfighting ban.

Legislators vote for to give themselves a raise.

Richardson to sign legislation that will improve lottery scholarship.

New Mexico GOP on thin ice.

Where oil flows, a city grows.

Airlines apply for state liquor licenses.

U.S. Army's surgeon general forced to retire over debacle at Walter Reed.

Bush senior passes out in Palm Springs.

Will Hagel run? About that.

Hurricane Katrina still a problem for Gulf.

Cheney ridicules the idea of Iraq withdrawal.

Shiites want protection after over 200 were killed last week.

Mayans unhappy about Bush visit.

Israel praises Saudi Arabia's peace proposal.

U.N. says Sudan responsible for crimes in Darfur.

20,000 protest in China, 1,000 police fight back.

European Commission says itunes has to change.

Ford sells controlling stake in Aston Martin.

Disneyland sues to keep low-income housing away from park.

Scientists say wind energy could provide power for years to come.

And now the weather.