The Daily Word 03.14.07

The Daily Word

Richardson has a plan to get off foreign oil.

Legislators switch votes on medical marijuana. Meanwhile users can get charged.

House restores Pluto's planetary status.

I-25 interchange will serve planned community at Mesa Del Sol.

Horse and Angel Tavern owner will alert police to drunk drivers.

Spaceport taxes mulled over in Dona Ana County.

Senate passes campaign spending caps.

Election spending records missing.

Bush defends, criticizes Gonzales in prosecutor firing scandal.

Senate campaign contribution filing process causes concern.

Iraq is wack. Senate begins debates.

North Korea agrees to disarm.

Britain votes for new nukes.

World stock markets on the down slide.

Methane sea found on Saturn's largest moon.

FDA releases warning about sleeping pills - like the one with the creepy glowing butterfly ad.

Warmer weather today.