The Daily Word 04.05.07

The Daily Word

Ha! City council rejects Wal-Mart.

Conflict over Mexican gray wolf continues between ranchers and conservationists.

Pilgrims begin their sacred journey to Chimayo.

Global warming could create delicious Southwest dust bowl.

Greek pleasure cruise becomes terror cruise. At least they didn't have allergies.

New York City wants residents to get snipped.

Triple X church fights porn addictions.

$2 billon a year software industry serves no purpose.

Science solves mystery of big dogs, small dogs.

Rare striped rabbit seen in Sumatra.

Captain Organic makes neat furniture.

Siberian palladium factory doubles as acid rain factory.

Read all about The New York Times' worst reporters.

Weather's nice today, cooler this weekend. (No weather-related cynicism. Are you happy?)