The Daily Word 06.15.07

The Daily Word

Don't worry about getting caught with drugs if you call 911. New law goes into effect today.

The Paseo extension through the Petroglyphs should be open next week.

A council recommends APS scrap its whole police force and contract out law enforcement. APD and the county want to know where they'd like to get that manpower from.

Developer wants to build a 30-story condo development Downtown called the Residences at Packard Place. It would be the tallest building in the state.

Space station computers that control the station's orientation are still down.

Gaza calms after Hamas takes the reins.

Cyber arms race between U.S. and China?

New FDA-sanctioned diet drug alli hits stores. Buyers go nuts, even though side effects include loose stools and "oily gas discharge." Women everywhere named Allison cringe.

UK research shows men can get "phantom pregnancy."

Check out these cars of the future made by NASA, MIT and Silicon Valley.