The Daily Word 6.20.07

The Daily Word

Today is World Refugee Day. Slate offers some stunning photography and essays.

Ben Luce, arguably the biggest renewable energy expert in the state, holds a press conference criticizing the guv’s clean energy platform.

Election season is upon us. Pat Lyons hung up on a reporter inquiring about campaign contributions. And could Marty be recalled for the smoking ban? Fat chance.

A Santa Fe judge says the death penalty is unconstitutional. Is this the beginning of the end?

The Water Authority discusses Albuquerque’s water future tonight.

Give our city councilors a raise! After all, the mayor did try to veto the measure.

Don’t pet the rabbits.

Roosevelt Park is open again! Finally!

Big Bill isn’t the only one attempting humor in his campaign commercials. Hillary does the “Sopranos.”

Hundreds of women wearing burqas protest the knighthood of Salman Rushdie.

Will New York’s Mayor Bloomberg vie for the presidency?

Atlantis heads home.

Bush plans to veto a stem cell bill today that would have eased restraints on federal funding. Surprise!

Breast cancer can be passed down through fathers as well.

Why Angelina Jolie really may not be “the best woman in the world.”

Can’t afford a subscription? What’s in the country’s biggest papers today? In the end, it’s all about the same.

You know what we need? A president/architect.

Could this really be the first gun victim in the Americas?