The Daily Word 07.24.07

The Daily Word

YouTube for Democracy! Here's one opinion on how our gov did, and another about how hip the video debates really were.

Gary King says no to redistricting until 2010 census.

Recalling Councilor Don Harris? Maybe.

Iran-Iraq-U.S. talks continue in Baghdad.

Tony Blair continues to talk, now in his new job as a Middle East envoy.

Cindy Sheehan is back—and back in jail. Sheehan was arrested in D.C. after announcing her candidacy for Congress with the intent to unseat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Funny, I was just eating a can of soup and was worried about botulism. Turns out, I may have been justified in my fear.

Get your own iPhone ... by hacking into someone else's. Ha!

Rain, sleet or snow, nothing stops the British post, especially when the last Harry Potter book is the cargo.

At least it's MTV reporting on this, and not CNN. Oh, wait.

Look, a tiny robotic fly!

Mistakenly released prisoner in Texas arrested again after apologizing to his victim.