The Daily Word 7.27.07

The Daily Word

"Same-sex unions respected 'in varying degrees' in New Mexico"

Advisory committee selected for Medical Cannabis Program.

New Mexican teenagers prefer hard liquor. Talk about sensational headline writing. I'll save you the Journal sportswriter commercial. A 2005 survey of 5,600 students showed 36 percent drank hard liquor in the previous 30 days.

Well, why not? Astronauts party ... maybe even right before flying.

Hallucinogenic jimson weed is still lethal.

(Wow. It's like the drugs and alcohol edition of the Daily Word.) Study says smoking a whole bunch of pot could make you crazy.

FBI Director tattles on his boss, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Man, nobody likes that guy.

Iraqi lawmakers not feeling urgent about passing legislation to end violence. About half didn't show up for work.

Army medical examiners tried to get authorities to investigate Pat Tillman's death.

Bomb hits Pakistan's Red Mosque killing 11 after violent clash between police and Islamist students.

U.S. shares "wobbled" this morning. Stock market may see some dismal days.

The Desert Rock coal plant debate hits the New York Times online front page.

"Too Much Coffee Man" opera goes to Comic-Con.

Oooh. Cool Comic-Con watch blog.