The Daily Word 07.31.07

The Daily Word

Top news story: Coffee and exercise could prevent skin cancer. So, pour yourself another cup of that wonder elixir and toast to your health.

The personal computer revolution started in Albuquerque, dang it!

No decisions—but plenty of gyrations—over liquor licenses issues at one local strip joint.

And if asking for a raise wasn't scary enough, check this.

Ten things to know about Albuquerque.

Chief Justice Roberts falls down.

Some counties in Cali are fighting to keep voting machines known to be hackable.

Corruption investigations are popping up everywhere. FBI and IRS agents raided the home of Sen. Stevens in Alaska as part of a bribing investigation. And New York's governor faces some heavy questioning about using state police to track political rivals.

More proof global warming sucks.

Pigeons get put on birth control to stop the “poop problem.”

And just for fun ... game time!