The Daily Word 8.10.07

The Daily Word

Richardson tells a bunch of gay and lesbian people that homosexuality is a choice.

Don't worry.Zozobra flames will air live on TV after all.

Will the Albuquerque Journal ever get another horrid commercial together? Ignore the hearty sports guys by distracting your coworkers with some witty banter. Now read this bit about the state attorney general warning our Department of Health that employees could undergo federal prosecution for implementing our medical marijuana law.

City demolishes crack row.

Most devastating earthquake in the country 300 years overdue in Coachella Valley.

Mic lowered into mine, but nothing was heard from the six miners still inside.

Oakland reacts to editor's murder.

Crazy stock market fluctuations could make it harder for people to get loans.

David Lynch on tapioca.

Federal judges go to strip clubs, too—and spend $3,000.

Check out this double-nosed dog.