The Daily Word 08.12.07

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Christopher Walken coming to New Mexico next month. Wait, is that news-worthy?

NM Game and Fish Department shuffles sheep.

Mexican gray wolves struggle to survive amid gangland violence in Catron County.

Half of New Mexico National Guard could be sent to Iraq in 2010.

Remember that dumb Tom Cruise movie where they arrested people before they committed a crime? China's creepy new tracking system reminds me of that, sort of.

Radly named Pacific hurricane "Flossie" is headed toward Hawaii.

Is Critical Mass making a point, or is it just a bunch of irritating hippies hogging the road?

Want to wear suits worn by a military dictator? Pinochet's are for sale!

Romney wins Iowa? Folks trust a guy named Mitt?

Space shuttle Endeavour has "troubling gash." I could joke, but I'll just snicker...(gash!)

Eew, eating raw oysters could be a bad idea right now. Plus it's August. There's no R in August!

This article about eco-hypocrisy sheds new light on all the "green" hype.

Weather: Still hot and sunny.