The Daily Word 08.15.07

The Daily Word

Should APS board members get a raise? Some of them don’t think so.

Twisted frat boy goes down.

Speaking of twisted, a mistrial is declared for ex-cop’s rape case.

“Well, no, we don’t feel like withdrawing from Iraq. Instead, why don’t we just start another war? Step one: Declare terrorist groups in Iran.”

John Lennon comes to iTunes.

It was bound to happen: A Rutgers basketball player sues Don Imus.

Yankee Shortstop Phil Rizzuto dies at 89. “Holy cow!”

Tired of Google? Create your own search engine beast.

Spock thinks you’re a pedophile?

NASA’s Lunar Ark.

So how should a culture go about preserving its traditions? Well, dancing robots are always a good start.