The Daily Word 09.09.07

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

NM getting new coal-fired power plant. Way to become number one in renewable energy, folks.

Due to bomb threat, some lucky a-holes got out of taking relatives to the tram this weekend.

Local law enforcement prepared for state fair's riff-raff.

Snackers of buttery microwave popcorn could be in danger.

Rapper Nas is the latest victim of Bill O'Reilly's idiocy.

Home for banished boys helps spawn of Mormon polygamy overcome problems.

Things aren't so good in Zimbabwe.

Things aren't so good for the polar bear.

Things aren't so good for nazi fucks arrested in Israel.

This list of the 50 worst cars fudges a shitload of car history. Plus they call Buckminster Fuller a nut job.

This list of 10 reasons this summer was boring is pretty right on.

Avril Lavigne is still an idiot.

Yea, it may rain today and tomorrow.