The Daily Word 11.7.07

The Daily Word

Ha! Bush is foiled, and we get water projects.

Speaking of water, Santa Fe has to change its water conservation strategy.

The lieutenant governor’s war chest is getting steep.

Mattel recalled some Fisher-Price toys for having too many detachable parts.

Here’s an idea: Sell portable classrooms to homeless shelters.

It’s officially the future. Iris scanning has become a new, required form of identification.

How much money did Radiohead make off that album they let people download for whatever price they wanted? $2.26 apiece.

A fifth planet is discovered around a distant star. We may not be so unusual after all.

Uh-oh. Birth control pills may endanger the heart.

Fish with bizarre sexual behavior breathes air in logs. Freakin’ cool.

Could it be the new Gold Rush?

Pictures of volcanoes. National Geographic-style.