The Daily Word 11.30.07

The Daily Word

State Sen. Joe Carraro thinks he's got a shot at the seat Rep. Wilson would vacate to run for Domenici's seat. It's like a party game. (Side note: Carraro owns Joe's bar on Vassar).

A Navajo code-talker died at age 92.

Shelly Ribando will replace Cynthia Izaguirre.

Cows on the highway near Orogrande, NM.

Best line in the TV news story about Pornotopia. "City officials say the festival doesn't appear to violate any statutes."

Teen the suspected ringleader of a hacking ring that stole millions from banks around the world.

An embryo-free way to make genetically matched stem cells? Yes, please.

Writers Guild says "no" to studios' latest offer.

But Broadway's strike is over. Maybe we should all watch live theatre instead of TV anyway.

Thousands call for the execution of the teacher who allowed her students to name a teddy bear "Muhammad."

The ratio of amusing to unamusing cartoons in the New Yorker for Fall 2007.

Everyone's wearing pink shirts in Thailand, because the king did.