The Daily Word 12.02.07

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Here's a Tribune article about The Guild's Pornotopia "zoning violation."

Former APD captain sues the city over bogus tickets issued via red light cameras.

Read about legislation big business wants passed before the Bush administration is over.

Our weak dollar is a pain in the ass for the whole world.

New Mexico thieves are after copper.

Wussy hurricane season causes some to worry that the public may doubt forecasts.

A re-killing killer released from the clink gets mixed up in the Republican primary race. Mormon asshat Mitt Romney has something to do with it.

More evidence that Larry Craig is g.a.y.

More evidence that Rove is lying liar, thanks to Fox.

Giant Italian truffle sold at auction for $330,000.

Read about polar dinosaurs.

Attention artists: Here are some calls.

Read about the dumbest x-mas gifts.

Some people think someone had a nose job.

Weather: It will get into the low '60s this week.