The Daily Word 01.13.08

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

I always save the best stuff for last, but this is an exception.

Bill Richardson is governor again.

And then he blocked drilling in the Galisteo Basin.

Miss New Mexico Gay Rodeo Association 2008 was fatally shot.

Officials stopped looking for the missing snowboarders.

Feds reject proposed casino at Jemez Pueblo.

Bush stirs up rumors, or worry, at least, about Iran.

Are DVDs going the way of the cassette tape?

NASA's Messenger spacecraft to cruise by Mercury.

Our universe is an angry universe.

Sugar-free gum's sorbitol causes bowel problems, weight loss. Hear that, anorexia?

It's never too late: Read about the 88-year-old male ballet dancer.

Here's a good reason not to fuck around on escalators.

Science creates a beating rat heart.

Be thankful for skin.

"In New Mexico Light" makes me want to drive away from the city.

Read about Bauhaus (not the Peter Murphy kind).

E-mail etiquette. (By the way, I have quality meds and Rolex replicas...)

This was the week's best video.

Weather: Pump yourselves up for the '40s!!!