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The Daily Word 01.20.08

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

McCain won South Carolina, while Clinton and Romney took Nevada.

Meanwhile, Obama tackles Bill, and Huckabee is linked to white supremacists.

Frozen pipes and hypothermia: Two of many reasons to hate the cold.

Big money biz moving to New Mexico.

New Mexico food makes a 'quirky' list.

British Airways pilot haunted by Thursday's crash landing.

Here's a little story about the housing bubble.

Sam the Butcher from "The Brady Bunch" dies. RIP, creepy little '70s sit-com man.

An interview with OPEC Secretary-General. (It's about oil, yo.)

Hypochondria alert: Read about the creepy new staph infection.

Are Conan's dancing dogs a sign of the end times? Either way it's amazing.

Weather: Still stupidly cold, snow predicted mid-week and beyond.

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