The Daily Word 01.23.08

The Daily Word

Abortion rights activists are trying to make sure abortion stays legal in New Mexico.

Meanwhile, people freaked out over Roe v. Wade’s 35th anniversary yesterday.

The gov’s trying to get a tax cut for a racetrack casino …which is a political contributor. Just off the presidential trail and already he stops caring about his image.

No more plastic bags at Whole Foods.

Yes, yes. We all know "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" came to Albuquerque. Want to see the pictures? What about a video?

If you haven’t already heard, Heath Ledger died. This is too sad.

We all know Bush is a liar—but a 935 times liar?

The U.S. Army’s going after more high school dropouts than ever.

Will restaurants in New York have to print calories on their menus?

Will manned missions to space continue?

The Gaza Wall comes down and people flood over.

Illegal meat trade in Africa on the rise.

Could glaciers be melting because of a volcanic eruption 2,000 years ago?

Here are some stunning photos detailing the way we use water in the West. Worth a minute of perusal.