The Daily Word 1.29.2008

The Daily Word

Despite its endless amounts of charm, wit and charisma, the back of our news editor’s head failed to make Border Town a hit at the box office. It’s released on DVD today.

Paseo is open!

UNM students (and people who wish they were still UNM students) can use Zipcars to get around.

Our Lord and Savior goes digital.

New Mexico’s new supercomputer makes eggs, cures cancer. Or does it? (No it doesn’t).

Which republican will win Florida? It doesn’t look good for Giuliani.

Strife continues in Kenya.

In his State of the Union Address, President Bush focused on the war and the economy. Bush assured the nation he plans to fuck up both even further.

Is the Super Bowl irrelevant?

Britney Spears’ manager says the star has “mental issues.”