The Daily Word 01.30.08

The Daily Word

Clinton and McCain win Florida, and now Edwards and Giuliani are dropping out.

L.A. activates vending machines for medical marijuana.

A “bionic” contact lens that shows tiny personal displays?

YouTube helped catch the Albuquerque “crutch bandit.”

Our obscure state officials are being chased by presidential hopefuls.

How many New Mexicans will vote on Super Tuesday? (warning: subscription or annoying commercial-viewing required)

You know the bottles of water the city’s been giving out with our future drinking water? Apparently bottling has closed due to a “foreign substance” found in them. (warning: same annoying subscription/commercial thing required)

Brattleboro, Vermont, residents are trying to get Bush and Cheney arrested through a petition.

Intense storms in Indiana have killed three people.

Meanwhile, China has the worst snowstorms it’s had in 50 years. But they sure are pretty—see photos here.

Is Google recession-proof?

That spy satellite could hit the U.S.

Aaah! Stop wearing sunscreen near coral.