The Daily Word 02.13.08

The Daily Word

The writers strike is over!

The Tribune’s site wasn’t linking to articles this morning, and it displayed a message saying the server was disconnected. Is this a glitch, or a signal of the end?

Obama’s on a roll.

So is McCain.

Is the U.S. in another race to the moon?

Richardson has a bunch of campaign debt, and he’s asking supporters to help him pay it.

Legislators aren’t getting anything passed, including the gov’s health care proposal. Now he’s threatening to call a special session.

Get this: The Muhammad cartoon that sparked riots in 2006 (which killed 50 people) has been reprinted.

An animated Star Wars movie is supposed to come out this summer, with a TV series soon following suit. George Lucas is behind it, saying “there were a lot more stories left to tell.”

Tagoo: The new Nabster?

How Google got its logo. I know I’m not the only nerd who cares about this.

Lake Mead could dry up in 13 years.

Find out which states are most vulnerable to natural disasters.

Quality of life according to geography.