The Daily Word 02.17.08

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

New Mexico garners cash money thanks to the film industry.

One man's (America's) trash is another man's (Mexico's) treasure.

Will Sandoval County get a wild horse park? The wild horses hope so.

Life on Mars was too salty and acidic.

Stress may make a bout of cancer more likely.

Kosovo declares independence from Serbia. Russia tried to block it.

How much would you pay for the number "1" vanity plate?

Rare penny collection worth $3.01 raises $10.7 million.

An 11-year-old did THAT?!

Machines could overtake humanity.

But then again, people are bad at predicting the future.

Read about giant German rabbits.

Will truffles fly--and by fly I mean grow--in the U.S.

Designers are trying to kill Forever 21. Nooooo!

Weather: Yeah! Temps predicted to reach the '60s this week.