The Daily Word 02.20.08

The Daily Word

The Tribune’s last paper will be printed on Saturday.

There’s a lunar eclipse tonight (about 8 p.m. our time)! But will we be able to see it?

Obama snagged his 10th win in a row last night. By the way, have you seen this Barack Obama generator? I should make it my new homepage.

The Barelas rail yard is going to be used for a series of sound stages.

New Mexico congressional candidates are funneling a ton of their own money into their campaigns.

Will there be a Special Session after all?

It’s a little messed up that superdelegates received campaign contributions from presidential contenders.

There was a huge earthquake in Indonesia.

This cute, nerdy guy gives an alternate explanation for the Big Bang. And he just might be right (even the Catholic Church is criticizing him … remember Galileo?).

Things that suck.

“Scientists discovered” a giant “frog from hell.” It could even kill dinosaurs (well, hatchling dinosaurs).