The Daily Word 03.05.08

The Daily Word

Richardson signed red-light camera legislation, now revenue from the program will go to the state, and the mayor may ditch the traffic bots.

Ron Godbey, former Republican state rep, died.

Here's an election story. Bush endorsed McCain.

The feds flooded the Grand Canyon.

More on the hobbit bones found in Indonesia.

A building collapsed in Harlem.

Aromatherapy doesn't work.

Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons and Dragons, died yesterday. He must've run out of hit points.

Read about quantum computers and what they can do for you.

Did primates first live in North America?

Some fish like to take long winter's naps.

Conspiracies that were real--seven of them--here.

Hollywood's biggest assholes.

Weather: Snow tomorrow, a tad warmer this weekend, will winter never end?