The Daily Word 03.25.08

The Daily Word

Mayor Marty says Gov. Richardson is short on loyalty.

Meanwhile, Richardson is giving back nearly $800,000 to donors.

Here’s where the presidential candidates stand on consumer protection issues.

UNM’s men’s basketball coach is close to signing an extension. I don’t know if he deserves it yet.

Don’t miss this party for a brave dog and his supporters. I mostly included this one because of the photo in the top left-hand corner featuring a woman’s face being licked very aggressively by said dog.

Less than one percent of commercial planes are protected by air marshals.

The Supreme Court ruled against President Bush’s wishes in the case of a convicted killer from Mexico.

Home prices continue to plummet, while consumer confidence reaches a five-year low.

In the future, cigarettes will have all the cancer you crave with none of the nicotine!

A security loophole on Facebook allowed unwelcome folks to view user photos.

The Smashing Pumpkins are suing Virgin Records.