The Daily Word 04.10.08

The Daily Word

Tibetans in Santa Fe hold a public head-shaving at the capitol to protest China. (warning: subscription or annoying commericial-viewing required)

Will LANL finally get cleaned up? Depends on the Bush administration. (same warning as above)

Why on earth does New Mexico have so many injury-related deaths? What are we doing?

A two-faced baby was found in India and is being revered as a Hindu goddess. Watch the video.

Get ready for government-sent text messages about doom and destruction.

Pennsylvania hangs in the election balance.

Plus, what North Carolina has to do with it.

Do 20 percent of scientists use brain-enhancing drugs?

We’ve got some crazy, aurora borealis-inducing solar storms headed our way.

A lungless frog has been found. Find out how it survives.

Prepare for a summer full of hurricanes.

Lastly, what would the day be without some baby polar bear footage?