The Daily Word 04.12.08

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Richardson talks about his Obama endorsement.

Photographer fined for refusing to photograph gay commitment ceremony.

How an AC/DC concert can cause an earth shake.

Zookeeper bitten by gila monster.

The new Miss USA looks a bit otherworldly.

What's going on with the airlines? This article sums up softer safety regulation perpetrated by the post 9-11 FAA.

Read about the new domestic spy program.

Scientists discover 8,000 year-old tree.

Richard Florida's new book helps bohemians decide where to live.

"5 Gadgets That Make You Seem Artistic."

Album of the day: "Falling in Love is Wonderful" by Jimmy Scott.

Weather: Farewell, wool coats. It should reach the '80s in the coming week.