The Daily Word 06.11.08

Obama and McCain start battling on the economy.

Scientists are close to re-creating the first living cell.

Ways to stop tornadoes and make rain.

Bernalillo County wasted $1.3 million on unused ballots in the primary election. (commercial warning)

Where did a 50-pound tortoise in Santa Fe come from?

Speaking of Santa Fe, it’s making tons of immigration arrests.

Former Albuquerque Tribune reporter Eileen Welsome is being honored this Friday. It’s nice when reporters are honored.

One of the Google co-founders will go into space!

This man was accidentally shot in the head with a nail gun and survived.

A shape-shifting cloth car. And, yes, there’s a video.

Nerdy napping accessories.

Blocking HIV with gold?

Alternately, zapping HIV with lasers.

Beaming secret quantum codes?

The Phoenix is trying a new way to test Martian soil.

Will we start seriously thinking about water desalinization?

A robot to master the terrain of Mars … and other planets.