The Daily Word 06.20.08

The Daily Word

Hewlett-Packard is moving to Rio Rancho, adding 1,300 jobs.

Danny Granger's building a Batcave in Northeast Albuquerque.

They think they got the guys who started the Bosque fires. (I wonder how they figure it out?)

Special session on health care coming in August or September. Guv promises.

It's taken a year to catch these rapid pharmacy burglars.

McCain wishes he didn't sound so much like Bush.

Did you hear about the 17 high school students who made a pregnancy pact?

Humans cause extreme weather like the Midwestern floods, say country's scientists.

Bill Gates talks about the early years with the BBC and mentions Albuquerque. (Actually, not really).

Maybe you read about the button Jonathan Alcox was selling at the Texas Republican Party convention asking if we'd still call it a White House if Obama won the election. Alcox says he's not racist. Jezebel says he sure is sexist.

What happened to public sex in New York?