The Daily Word 09.10.08

The Daily Word

Scientists started up the Large Hadron Collider today. Now, we wait ...

A BBC World Service poll has Obama ahead of McCain—if world citizens could vote in U.S. elections.

And one British reporter says anti-Bush sentiments may turn to anti-American if the election doesn't shake out a certain way.

New Bernalillo County ethics board has a case even before its first meeting. (Journal link)

Wilson preemptively speaks about her contact with a “rogue lobbyist.”

Afghanistan and Pakistan unite to fight militants and end U.S.-caused civilian casualties.

Sen. Obama gets some heat from the GOP for using the phrase “lipstick on a pig.” (Or was it “lipstick on a bulldog'? I can't recall.) Anyway, Sen. McCain used the same phrase to describe Sen. Clinton's policies last year.

Hurricane Ike heads for Texas.

Confusion, or distortion, over an EU-Georgia peace deal.

Ten things the BBC has learned about Palin.

Look, a turtle frog!

The stupidest business decisions in history.