The Daily Word 09.30.08

The Daily Word

Whatever gets the kids to sleep...

Be warned—Sandia to blow shit up today.

The local film industry is doing rad.

Our state is also attracting solar prospectors.

Cool! Snow falls on Mars.

Bushie is foooooaaahhcked.

Whoa, Germany paper calls this "The End of Arrogance."

Presidential candidates want to raise FDIC insurance limit.

Is my money safe? I'd care if I had money...

Mo money mo problems for McCain.

NM teen sentenced as adult.

Pirates still roam the high seas.

Copy those DVDs, I say!

Santa Fe is on the transit tip.

"Journalists Lie to Children About Journalism's Future."

I share a birthday with T-Pain. Awesome!

Album of the day: "Hysteria" by The Human League.

Weather: Temps cool to mid '70s by Saturday.