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KOB-TV reported that New Mexico's Democratic Party is "considering redrawing district boundaries" of Heather Wilson's First Congressional District.

The Trib reported that Governor Richardson is planning to meet with with two North Korean diplomats in Santa Fe on Friday.

Testimony in the Unser trial began yesterday. The charges include resisting arrest and obstructing justice.

KRQE-TV reported a Santa Fe County woman has contracted the hantavirus infection.

Democratic Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota is in critical condition following emergency brain surgery. Speculation as to whether Democrats might lose Senate control is well underway.

Lettuce is the new green vegetable suspect in Taco Bell's E. coli breakout, the green onions have been cleared.

Circumcision has been found to lower heterosexual risk of AIDS.

An election today between Hilary Clinton and John McCain favors the Republican who is calling for more troops to be sent to Iraq.

"Babel" leads the nominations for Golden Globe Awards.

The official inquiry has found Princess Diana's death to be an accident, yet the father of her deceased lover maintains that the report is a cover-up.