Serenata Radio - Crane. Safe. Tank.

Serenata Radio - Crane. Safe. Tank

Serenata Radio - Crane. Safe. Tank.

I made a fake crane by fastening a rusty hook to a baseball bat. Then I visited a construction job site and asked the workers how things were going with their industrial crane meanwhile pointing to my home-made crane, gesturing confidently, as if my crappy home-made crane was legitimate like their powerful construction crane.

Why ?

Because our dreams are just as significant as any. My crane symbolizes our dreams, delusions & abilities. Their Crane symbolizes the Powerful People and Forces in our WORLD.

Similarly, The safe motif conveys a social critique of placing trust in corrupt financial institutions & the tank metaphor is a Plea for Peace, an indictment on WAR and the State capitalizing on chaos & Violence.

The overall intent of the video was to mock the war profiteers, the captains of industry and to simultaneously empower the little dreamers

This Crane. That Safe. Their Tank

This crane is beyond belief
it picks up these pieces and
Places them Out of Reach
Now are Cranes they'Re not the Same
this doesnt mean that Mine is Lame
Yours' Creeks

That Safe is TEETERING
from 10 stories Higher and due to a Fire and Heat
the Safe is speeding thru the air
Before it Harms a Human Springs....

why are they following me, I can not lead
why are they firing at me, cuz of all of these things, yes all of these things

Their Tank
Rolls on Chattering Teeth
instead of some tires with millions of wires, theyRe mean
Inside the tank they fight for Air
Meanwhile outside the fights not fair
it's a bad machine...


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