"I Saw You" at the baggage claim

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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Baggage Claim

You were flying from Pennsylvania, and I from New York. We considered the prospect of losing someone on a plane versus the Big Apple when my mother went MIA briefly. You were there when I found her. I nearly ran up to you at baggage claim to give you a scribbled scrap of paper with my name and number, but I lost the nerve. I have no baggage; not even my mother since we live 4.5 miles apart. Take me off the carousel and claim me. I think we were neighbors when you lived in Santa Fe. Happy trails!

Dear big lips in blue beanie

Dear blue beanie,

I saw you at Cheba Hut in a blue beanie and aviators on 4-20. I was in all black. I wonder if you felt the same attraction to me as I did for you. I regret not talking to you. Come see me at Toni & Guy hairdressing academy. I'd love to hang :) you:male me:female

To a Mourning Young Goddess

To the Young, Bronze Native American or Mestiza Goddess crying inconsolably at the corner of Nakomis Drive NE & Lomas NE, at

10:28 a.m., May 5, 2012. I could not help but see as well as feel your sorrow. I wished you had a Mother, Father, sister, brother or loved one your age who could lessen your pain, and that it had not been one of them who'd caused it. I also wished you'd see that "this too will pass" and that in a few years the world will be at your feet. Hang in there!

I Saw You Driving Red Truck on I-40 & Louisiana

I saw you driving a red truck on I-40 getting off at Louisiana on Sunday the 29th I believe. I was in a silver Mazda. I think you had something yellow on your dashboard. You had the cutest smile.