"I Saw You" at the omelette station this morning

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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Whole Foods Wyoming: Hot Older (than me) Man

Hot, Anglo older (than me) man at the omelette station this morning. You tipped the chef. Did I catch you looking at me as I bent over to look in the cheese case? I was the petite brunette wandering around the salad bar area trying to see if you had a ring on your hand.

Kurt Vonnegut and Fresh Laundry 8.8.12

Your quiet presence was lovely and intriguing. You observed the words in your book and people wandering. We exchanged one or two gentle smiles. I was floating around in laundry day clothes, too shy to say hello. Conversation starters were everywhere, but I chose to let you read in peace instead. I hope to see you again, lost in a book, or watching the world behind a cup of coffee.

Shart in Mouth at Sneakerz

Last night I must have upset you at Sneakerz. You seemed intoxicated. We hadn't met prior, and you were pissed to meet me. You told me you were going to shart in my mouth if I didn't leave. Then you said your vagina was longer than my wiener. You are completely disgusting. I however am fascinated. Send me pics/vids to prove it. Bitch.

I Saw You, Albuquerque PD Lapel Cams!

Hey, guys, those lapel cams sure are nifty if we want to see what kind of footwear a suspect was wearing after he was executed. It's too bad they never seem to work BEFORE and during the execution!