"I Saw You" trying to maneuver down a busy aisle

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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Creepy Bosque Trail Bike Dude

Hey creepy man on the bike path! You ride slow until a female (me) passes you. Then you start tailing like some sort of desperate freak! Got news for you: I am armed. After I disable your creepy self, I will kick you where your bike seat fits. Buzz off! Not all women fear your sorry stuff!

Tall and Tattooed at Trader Joe's

I saw you Friday 11/9 trying to maneuver down a busy aisle. What a great smile you flashed my way as I moved to let you pass. I tried to time it so I would run into you again, but I miscalculated and instead had to watch you walk away. Was that the eleventh hexagram (T' ai) tattooed on the back of your neck?

Carlisle Wal-Mart, Saturday Morning, November 3rd

I noticed you and we made eye contact when I was putting pillows in my cart and then down some of the other aisles. I just couldn't stop looking at you. I was in the meat department and you caught me off guard by coming up behind me to look at items. I left after that and have regretted it every since. This whole week has been torture thinking about you. You: Short brown hair, very attractive, with woman. Me: Blond hair in pony tail in gray top and pants.