"I Saw You" with lavender complexion, freckles and beautiful pony tail

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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2012 4th of July Party at Rudy's on Cedar

It was a karaoke frenzy off of MLK and Cedar. Me: all black, red lips, sang Snoop Dogg when I walked in. You: glasses and a shirt with trucks all over it, sang the School House Rock song 'I'm just a Bill'. I gushed the whole night and kinda lost my words. Your tall friend asked if I was Persian. Matt, I think? I left for a bit and you were gone when I got back. 6 months and I regret not introducing myself. You're still more than just a bill in my memory. Coffee? Tea? A chit-chat, perhaps?

Like Mother, Like Daughter

To the ill-mannered woman and her ill-mannered young daughter on the express line at the Carlisle NE Wal-Mart on January 17 just before noon. You: portly, dark shoulder-length hair and dark-rimmed glasses. Your spawn: dark hair, light eyes, pale with ruddy cheeks. Allowing your daughter to point to and laugh at elderly, disabled human beings is not something to approve of and join with your daughter. You are a very poor parent and it shows from your daughter's behavior in public.

Rare Silverware Shopper at Thrift Town

My nervousness probably made me look like this to you that day.

You were the stunning zaftig clone of a young Annette O'Toole ("Cat People" & Clark Ken’s Mom in "Smallville") complete with lavender complexion, freckles and beautiful pony tail. I clumsily attempted to talk to you and invite you to lunch across the street at the Chinese restaurant. You, though, were busy texting your exciting "find" to someone. By the time I had checked out, you were driving out. Lunch?

Longboarder on the Rapid Ride 1/15/13

Me: short, leather jacket, reading. You: tall, longboard, talking to a friend on the 777. I got on at UNM, you got off at San Mateo. We made eye contact a few times, and as you passed me getting off the bus you told me I was beautiful. I just want to say thank you, you have no idea how much that meant to me. You made my day. I wish I knew your name.

Petite Blonde Smith's @ Academy

You: enchanting, petite blonde lady shopping at Smith's (Academy and Wyoming NE) on Saturday, January 12. We bumped into each other several times and exchanged glances and broad smiles. I was very taken with your lustrous blond hair, your expressive eyes and your pouty lips. Didn't we have moments, or am I just out of practice? You struck me as the kind of woman who's open to new and exciting people and things in her life. Click below and let's meet for coffee, tea, lunch, dinner …

Joey … Could You Ever Love Me?

It has been a few months since we worked at the call center together, I tried to make my feelings known to you then, but you were involved with someone already.

Months had passed by without you in my life.

Thank goodness for Christmas, when I ran into you in the men's shoe dept at JC Penny's in the mall. I want you to know that I would love you, you would be my everything. Joey please verify my love. sw