"I Saw You" at Artisan Art Supply

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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Walmart on Wyoming

It was Thursday, 11·6·13. You were in line at Walmart wearing a gray sweat outfit, buying gift cards. I complimented your hair— you have a Mohawk—and regret not getting at least your name. I stopped shopping just to get in line before you left and still blew it. I hope you see this, you are amazing. I would love to get to know you!!

Raven-haired Beauty from Santa Fe @ UNM men's Lobo game 12/7/13

Can't stop kicking myself for not asking for your number. I asked if you and your friend were sisters, then you showed me her son's picture with an awesome-looking beard like mine. I loved the perfume you wore and your petite nature … contact me—maybe we could have coffee or something. LA is only 30 minutes from SF…

The Bearded Shy Guy…

Italian Medusa Cuff

We were both shopping at Sprouts. We're both redheads. While reaching for tomatoes, I noticed your beautiful gold cuff. I thought it was the sun, but you said it was Medusa, and that that was the face on the cuff. We talked for a while and I think I sensed something there—was there? If nothing else, I'd love to know where online you bought the cuff.

Guy with Long Red Hair - Artisan

I saw you at Artisan Art Supply. It was a Tuesday. You were looking at acrylic paint while I was at the register. I can only wish I had more time to wander the store and explore the sights.

~Lady with sunglasses on her head. Silly, I know.