What Will Republicans Fixate on as the New Big Scary Evil?

Oh My (Christian) Gooooooodddd!!!!!

Who can say for sure, but this new Harris poll (via The Daily Beast) about Republican attitudes sure is frightening.

67 percent of Republicans think Obama is a socialist.

57 percent of Republicans think Obama is a Muslim.

(A. If these were true, why does that scare people?
B. They're not true, so that's like doubly not scary.)

45 percent of Republicans agree with the birthers.

38 percent of Republicans believe that Obama is "doing many of the things that Hitler did."

24 percent of Republicans think that Obama may be the Antichrist.

Are you a Republican who is mostly non-crazy? (Leaving the belief that most taxes are bad aside.) Then, hey: Um, tell your fellow party members to stop being so batshit. It's hard for Democrats to want to make concessions with sane Republicans (Olympia Snowe, and, hold on ... I'll get back to you) when dingholes like Texas Rep. Neugebauer (the latest in what's becoming a trend of grown men who yell inappropriate things at work, which I can tell you from experience is not a luxury most of us have. His shout; "baby killer") stinking up the wings.

Anyway. Craziness. There were plenty of people spouting crazy theories about Bush Jr. during his presidency, but most of those people were sitting outside of Winnings coffee, not in Congress. Sigh.